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Hey world, I'm Jake and I make music as a solo artist under the guise of Viices.

This started this a few years ago and it turns out I quite enjoy it. I've played a few festivals, did a NZ tour and have had a lot of fun. I'm currently based in Wellington, New Zealand, and am fitting this in around full-time work and other musical projects. Feel free to give me a holler about gigs, music or just to send some abuse.

Stuff that I like

  • My mum Juliet McLean is a brilliant singer and songwriter.
  • I've currently been working with the lovely Sam Johnson at Rhythm Ace Studio and I cannot recommend him enough.
  • Tongue Tied (the breathers with me in the photo above) are bloody awesome and I miss them a lot.
  • I also like dogs, tattoos and my buddy William.

Thanks Danii for teaching me how to code this website fast and loose.

Some old news and reviews